Monday, March 1, 2010

How to Slice An Apple and Keep it from Browning (without lemon juice!)

I found the following info at this site. What a great idea! Healthy snacks are always good (especially for kids). Frugal too because you cut down on the amount of waste (ie. picky eaters that won't eat browned apples but still want them cut).

The rest of this post is quoted from the site.

"Slicing An Apple So It Won’t Brown

My daughters love apples with peanut butter for lunch – it is one of the few protein sources I can get my ultra picky 9 year to eat at lunch time – buthow do you keep the apple slices from getting brown?

Check out this technique:

Using an Apple Corer and Divider, cut down 7/8 of the way through the apple. Remove the slicer and reform the apple so it looks “whole” again. Pack in a sealed baggie or container. When your child opens it up at lunch, the apple will still appear fresh and will not have browned."