Friday, February 26, 2010

Orange Peels----Don't throw them away! :)

Here's a frugal use for orange peels (and other citrus fruits- especially lemons and limes) - something I usually throw away----until recently when I got this idea!
  1. Every time I eat an orange, I put the peels in a bag or container until it's full.
  2. Then I stick it in the freezer.
  3. Once it's frozen, and I have some time, I take the peels and use my grater to make orange zest. It's much easier to grate the orange peel (since it's already detached from the orange) when it's frozen.
  4. Then I stick the zest in a container or bag in the freezer for use in recipes!

Now, I never have to worry about having an orange or lemon on hand for lemon/orange zest in a recipe, because as long as I have done this before, I will have a lot of it to use whenever I need. In fact, this way I can even add it to recipes that I want to have more flavor. And for those recipes that already call for it---well, then I can add even MORE if I so choose. And, I don't have to pay big bucks for dried zest (that probably has a ton of additives too.) :)

PS. If you are worried about pesticides....try one of these frugal ideas to clean your fruits and veggies. I plan to try them out soon myself!

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Isaacswife said...

great tip- thanks!

Apple Pie said...

I like that idea Emily. I use zest quite a bit for our muffins on Wednesday mornings!

I'm glad your comment button is working now! :)

Christina said...

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie said...

Great idea! Definitely going to start doing this. Thanks for sharing :)

Ariana Anderson said...

Thanks for all your comments everyone! Keep it up! It's so fun using things up that normally get thrown out!