Saturday, August 29, 2009

Recipe Review #6: 2-hour Memory Buns

Celiac Teen recently posted a recipe for these incredible rolls/buns. Seeing that they were rolls/buns and whole grain I was very excited to try them!

Here's the alterations I made:

  • 1 and 1/4 c. + 1 T. water (I used less water because of the agave
  • 3 T. agave (Agave is at least 25% sweeter than sugar so I used 1 T. less, and I don't like to use cane sugar)
  • I ended up adding about 1/8 c. more teff flour, 1/8 c. more sorghum flour, 1/4 c. more corn flour, and 1/4 c. more millet because the batter was pretty runny.
  • I also let it rise, covered with plastic wrap in a 200 degree oven (preheat to 200 and then turn it off. Then place the bread in).
  • I only had to cook this about 15-20 mins.
They came out a little flatter I think due to the alterations I had to make and more flour. They are very tasty. Mine got more mashed together as you can see and I may just pour the batter if that runny in the future. Still, they tasted great!

In the future, I plan to use less water and also possibly add baking soda/powder to help it rise more. I think they would be great with butter if you can use it instead of oil or as I plan to, I will use Earth Balance next time! I am also thinking of decreasing the total oil amount. I also think it would be a great recipe to convert into a regular bread recipe!
Thanks again Celiac Teen!


jacobithegreat said...

Hi, thanks for all the wonderful compliments! I think your blog is super-cute. I saw this recipe, too, but haven't tried it yet. It's definitely going on the list!

Ariana Anderson said...

your definitely welcome! I tried to make a regular loaf of bread out of it already but wasn't satisfied with the results! I'll let you and everyone know if I come up with a result that works!

Lauren said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the recipe =D. One of the things with the original wheat recipe, was that the amount of flour can vary greatly. If you live somewhere humid, I would definitely increase the amount of flour =D, again. Also, my buns were fairly flat as well. They've always been very very small buns as well, probably only 5 by 5 cm. I've never even thought of making a bread out of them, but I'll definitely have to try it - Thanks for the idea!