Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Food Review #13: Earth Balance Organic Buttery Spreads

This is one of my absolute favorite products! I love these spreads!


  • They all taste about the same to me
  • The taste is very “buttery”!
  • It subs extremely well in any recipe calling for butter or margarine.
  • I love the original whipped the most
  • All-natural!

I haven’t gotten to try the soy free variety yet but it’s out there for those of you who need soy-

Original: What’s inside: expeller pressed natural oil blend (soybean palm fruit, canola and olive), filtered water, pure salt, natural flavor (derived from corn, no MSG, no alcohol, no gluten), soy protein, soy lecithin, lactic acid (non-dairy, derived from sugar beets), and beta-carotene color (from natural source).

Whipped:What’s inside: Expeller-Pressed Natural Oil Blend (Soybean (Organic Ingredients), Palm Fruit (Organic Ingredients), Canola (Organic Ingredients), Olive (Organic Ingredients)), Filtered Water, Salt, Crushed Soy Beans (Organic Ingredients), Natural Flavor (Organic Ingredients) (Derived from Corn, No MSG, No Alcohol, No Gluten), Soy Lecithin (Organic Ingredients), Lactic Acid (Non-Dairy, Derived from Sugar Beets), Naturally Extracted Annatto for Color.

Soy garden What’s inside: Expeller Pressed Natural Oil Blend (Soy, Palm, and Olive), Filtered Water, Pure Salt, Natural Flavor (Derived from Corn, No MSG, No Alcohol, No Gluten), Crushed Soybeans (Defatted), Soy Lecithin, Lactic Acid (Non-Dairy, Derived from Sugar Beets), Natural Annatto Color.

What to do with it:

1. Spread it on toast, potoatoes, rice, and pasta.

2. Use it to make toffee.

3. Make cookies!


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Delicious and healthy! Organic ingredients and organic foods are still the best.